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What is a Ghost Writer

What is a Ghost Writer?

A ghost writer can usually write on a variety of subjects. However, they are all defined in the same category. In this guide, we will explore what exactly a ghost writer’s job entails.


What Is The Difference?

In reality, there are only a few minor differences between a writer and a ghost writer. The definition of a ghost writer is; ‘a person who writes for someone else and does not take any of the credit’. This means that any writer that has sold their work without credit can be considered a ghost writer.
There is an added element of difficultly involved in a sizeable writing project, and a large ghost writing project. This element is passing yourself off as the person that you are writing for. For example, if you are writing for a celebrity, their book needs to feel like they have written it. Remember, a ghost writer is not an audio typist, the celebrity does not dictate every single word to them. They are given an outline and are asked to ‘fill in the gaps’. If a book comes out, and it contains none of the mannerisms of the celebrity then the book will be written off as poor by critics.

Who Hires Ghost Writers?

Ghost writers are used all the time by a variety of people. Most commonly they are used to write content for a website. However, ghost writers can complete much larger jobs than just a few hundred words. A ghost writer may have the ability to write a ‘biography’ for a sports person or a celebrity. The celebrity’s part in this is to tell the writer all the information they would like included, and approve it when you have finished.

Why Hire A Ghost Writer?

It may seem strange that ghost writers want to be hired, or need to be hired. However, when you think about it you will be able to see that ghost writers are a necessity for many. A celebrity will generally not have sufficient experience to write their own biography, therefore, anything that they do attempt will be littered with errors which will affect their sales. Also, there is no reason for a web developer to be a competent writer, therefore, buying this work from somebody else and passing it off as their own works well for both parties that are involved.

Different Types of Ghost Writer

There are several different ‘types’ of ghost writers, from a novel writer to article writers and everything in-between. Basically, if something needs to be written it can be 'ghosted'. For example, David Cameron does not write every speech that he reads, he has a specialist team of ghost writers to mirror his general ideas and write an article off the back of them.
A ghost writer needs to be both a terrific writer and also have the ability to adopt the mannerisms of different people. If you have these two qualities, the chances are you will be a successful ghost writer.