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How to be a Ghost Writer ?

How to be a Ghost Writer?

Ghost writing can be a great industry to get into if you know how to get there. However, sometimes the pay is not always worth the effort and there are some additional negatives, but you would find this is any writing job. For example, the person authoring the project for another never has their name made public, although of course that could turn out to be a good thing. In the film production world, there are directors who have asked to have their name removed from the credits when they have realised that the film has not turned out to expectations. So a manuscript could work in exactly the same way. It is not clear whether the person whose name is on the cover will have an issue if the work does not turn out as expected.


Positives of the Work

One of the positive aspects of this work is that it is very flexible, so fitting it around other work or family is possible. Although the remuneration is not as great as some other employment, at least it will be steady work, particularly for those who build up a portfolio and are recommended by satisfied customers.

There are a number of positives, and not as many negatives to consider by people who think they are qualified enough to take on these tasks. Many other aspects are neither positive nor negative, so it will then be up to individuals as to whether they will want to take on this work.

How to Start

Many will start off seeking short term work in order to gain experience. This is a good way to build up a repertoire and also to get known by a bunch of people. It may be advisable to contact others who are known to be undertaking or who have undertaken some of these jobs, to gain information or even just to build up a network.

Once a writer is established, and receiving positive feedback from some short contracts, then it will become easier to move onto projects that are considered to be more challenging. There are a number of ways to find this kind of work as there are plenty of websites set up specifically to cater to these kinds of roles. It can also be useful for a prospective author to set up their own website, adding examples of work as well as testimonials from clients and positive reviews of your work completed.


There are other methods for advertising skills in this area, and these can be from ads in local papers to information on university websites. Many higher education institutions have an online and printed classified section, and these are often free to staff and students. Local libraries and notice boards can also be another source. Many would say that being visible in a large search engine and having a well designed website is the best manner in which to attract customers.

It is also important to ensure that contracts are at the ready so that prospective employers can sign on to employ the talents of a freelance ghost writer. Of course, they need to have been checked thoroughly so that the talent does not end up with problems at the end of the job.