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Ghost Writer Wanted

Ghost Writer Wanted

Have you ever seen an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or anywhere online stating ‘ghost writer wanted’? This is not the kind of thing that is widely advertised, as the general public is likely to be blissfully unaware that such an occupation exists. So these requests are usually kept on the low- down, so that only those working in the profession are knowledgeable about these types of jobs.


Why Is This Job Type Not ‘Well Known?’

Well, there is a lot of money to be made in publishing, but it is also a very risky business. The little book buyers know about the ‘insider knowledge’, that is, many books, articles or blogs are not really written by the person that it is credited to, therefore, the reason the job is not advertised too much is because people do not want others to find out.

We are probably all aware that some articles, books or blogs are not really authored by the celebrity, sports person, political leader or artist. But it kind of spoils the readers experience if they know that the work they are reading is written by the person on the front of the book.

Why Use A Ghost Writer?

Sometimes we see a book for sale that states on the cover that it has been authored by more than one individual. One of them is often a journalist who will assist with the writing and edit anything that is not clearly written. This is most commonly seen in those books by someone who has overcome some terrible disaster or survived an exceptional event. This would probably not stop anyone buying the book, as they would be well aware that the person who has undergone the experience is not a professional author, and this does not mean that the read is any less exciting or emotional. It could turn out to be quite the opposite, as readers are still hearing the authentic voice, but it is literate and readable.

These days we could probably type a query into a search engine in order to locate someone who will author a work on another’s behalf. But surely this would only be the case if someone was seeking such a professional. This is why this work is so little known or publically acknowledged.


Would anybody have any idea how much this service would cost? This would depend on the type and length of the proposed work. How many interviews would be required, and even the personality of the individual. Can a professional write on any topic regardless of their interests and politics? Some may find it difficult, but a true professional or someone desperate for the fee would be able to achieve the ‘goal’.

Find the Right Individual

Whilst it is extremely important to ask to see a resume or a portfolio of a person’s writing before embarking on a contract, recommendations can always assist in locating the right person. Some will charge by the time the work takes, others will charge by the word. Many will have a flat fee service, with payment made in instalments or a percentage up front and payments made by milestones. Always insist on a signed agreement before commencing any work such as this.