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Ghost Writer Jobs

Ghost Writer Jobs

Due to the Internet, ghost-writer jobs are not as uncommon as they once were. Now, there are plenty of people searching for the right ghost writer for not too much money. In this guide, we will explore how you can get your perfect ghost writing job.


Even with the popularisation of online freelance writing jobs, ghost writing jobs are still few and far between because they usually involve large sums of money and work. Furthermore, once a client has found a suitable ghost writer they rarely look anywhere else. However, there are jobs out there for good writers.

Gain Experience

You will not even be considered for a ghost writing job if you have not had previous experience writing articles. This means you need to find ‘small’ jobs and work at them for a while. If you can write several 500 word articles a day then you only need to work for a couple of months to ‘gain experience’ in this industry.

Design a Website

Even if you do not intend to use a website to gain work, promoting the fact that you have a website is a great way to show that you mean business. It does not matter if your website is ranked, or that people that can find you on search engines, just that you have a website.

Sign Up On Freelance Sites

There are plenty of freelance websites on the Internet for budding writers. Here, you can find all different types of writing work, including Ghost Writing. If you sign up on these sites you can advertise that you are looking for ghost writing or ‘bid’ on other peoples projects. Another thing you can do other than signing up and looking online, is to look at advertisements in newspapers.

Maintain Professionalism

Nobody will hire a ghost writer if you are not professional at all times. If you have a longstanding relationship with your client then you can probably be a bit more laid back around them. However, up until this point you need to be professional. This ensures that you can get clients and more importantly keep them. A full schedule means you do not need to keep going back and finding more clients.

Never Miss A Deadline

The number one mistake that most ghost writers make is to set unrealistic deadlines. If you set these your work will suffer in one of two ways. You either have to ‘rush’ to make the deadline, meaning your work falters, or you do not make the deadline. A client will usually prefer you to give a deadline that you can realistically make, rather than trying to impress them with a short working period. You should give a realistic deadline, and offer the work quicker if you do complete it sooner.

Go Specialist

If you have a ‘specialist’ subject, it may be a good idea to target this for your ghost writing work. For example, if you have an interest in sports, then you can target sports men and women. However, you should only ‘target’ once you have built up experience.