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Ghost Writer Contract

Ghost Writer Contract

A ghost writer contract is like any other, it must be scrutinised by each party and signed only when all are in agreement. In this guide, we will explore the ghost writer contract.


This kind of work can be extremely hard work, and those embarking on this journey would be well advised not to underestimate the time it will take to achieve agreement on the finished product.

Why Is A Contract Needed?

It seems quite depressing that a professional author, who has written many hundreds of thousands of words in his or her adult life, can use their skills for another to put their name to the work. Nevertheless, most of us are aware that this kind of profession does not necessarily render instant millionaire status. Even the most skilled writer will need to make enough money to pay the rent or mortgage, buy food, as well as all the other essentials that goes with living in modern western society.

Why Should You Not Use A Standard Contract?

Some would suggest that a person undertaking this type of work should not use a standard contract, but one that will suit the specific circumstances of the arrangement. Remember that every job and every situation is different, so it is wise to take the time to read everything closely before signing on the dotted line.
Furthermore, remember that a contract is a legal document, but laws can vary from country to country. When deciding to use someone who is not from the same country as yourself, you will need to be particularly cautious, not only about the wording of the contract and any specific clauses, but also how you can be protected in case an issue arises.

Expect Some Difficulties

Some people may find themselves in a situation where they have started a big project, and have penned thousands of words only to find they cannot continue. This may well result in a difficult contract to negotiate for a couple of reasons. A person contracted may not be at all keen to start where another person has left off. They may well want to start from scratch. Alternatively, more may be charged due to the possibility of the early work having to be checked thoroughly and then edited. Some may have already tried to publish their work, only to find an editor who not rejects the work, but advises that a total rewrite is required, or they may even counsel to enter into a contractual agreement with someone more talented and professional.


Some experienced operators may opt for a share of royalties, and this should definitely be included in any legal agreement. This is a very tricky area to negotiate, and the use of a legal professional in this matter may well be the way to go and will also probably save money, not to mention any heartache, in the long run.
Some people seeking to outsource their writing work may also consider using software for their project. This is where the consumer will really need to know exactly what they are looking for before making such a decision. This will entail a different type of negotiation, and as always, the buyer must always beware.