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Article Ghost Writer

Article Ghost Writer

Many people may be surprised at the amount of articles that are written by others. Securing an article ghost writer is much easier these days thanks to ease of the internet search. Back in the pre-internet days these phantom writers were mainly sourced by word of mouth and recommendations. So whilst it may be easier to find online that special someone to assist with or fully write a piece, sorting the wheat from the chaff can take a lot of time and patience. Of course this service is not new. As soon as humans became literate, there was a call for this type of skill set. Can you imagine the old Tudor kings writing their own missives? In this postmodern, literate, virtual world, blogs are the new book, just as e-zines are the new magazines. So there are a lot of words floating out there, no more so than in the Twitterverse, and the more high profile the blogger or tweeter, the more we can be assured that someone with more skills has penned (or more likely, typed on an iPhone) the words.


Who Does This Kind of Work?

People who do this work are often well-respected in their own field, and may be novelists, poets or award-winning journalists. Some do only this kind of writing and are specialists in their areas of expertise. Others may take on a specific project linked to their ability or interest in the subject. For Twitter, limited to 140 characters, brevity is the key. Both this and online blogs, do not really care about word shortening. These will be the only place where colloquialisms and acronyms should be accepted (apart from teen zines and technical pieces).

What are the Pitfalls?

Finding the right person for the job is a massive task. Don’t take at face value those who promote themselves endlessly. Remember you most often do get what you pay for, so don’t take the cheapest offer. One of the most difficult tasks for these professionals is to capture the voice of the person ostensibly putting the words onto paper, or more likely, into the ether (aka the internet). This is why it is important to find someone who can emulate the voice of the person writing the piece. If the work does not sound like the person whose name is on the by-line, then there is really no point in putting that name to it at all. Always get a sample before signing any contracts, and there is nothing like a face to face meeting (if at all possible) so that the professional offering the service can hear your voice in person. This is always helpful in gaining first-hand knowledge of the type of personality he or she will be trying to capture.

How do I Get Started?

Well, there are quite a few ways to find what you need. Of course it will be more difficult if this is your first time. If you are putting your request out there, you will need to locate the best place to go for the area in which you are seeking assistance. Ask around, check out similar works on the web, or go to a site that specialises in sourcing what you need.